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HBCS was established by a group of real estate investment analysts, architects, construction contractors, development managers, property management professionals, and building materials suppliers. With decades of experiences in the professional field and strong relations with variety types of Lenders, Contractors, Investors, Market Support Agencies and Property Management Companies, we are committed to providing the most complete investment and development services. At its inception, HBCS and its subsidiaries were based in California, with far reaching the markets in other States throughout United States and overseas.



Jennifer Y. Chen

President & CEO

Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of HBCS. She graduated from University of Southern California, major in Architecture and Real Estate Development, has 10+ years of experiences in real estate related industries, including architectural design, entitlement, multifamily & mixed-use construction, and real estate development management. In 2012, Jennifer was invited to 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize Ceremony (the Noble prize in Architecture industry) as the youngest architect, joined the celebration with world’s famous architects like Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel and Bjarke Ingels, and connected with founders of the world's most visited architecture media platform. 


Jennifer is aiming to build HBCS to offer multiple services in real estate including investment, architecture, development and technology.


Read more about Jennifer: LinkedIn 

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Nick X. Xu

Strategic Partner, CEO of Uniroom, Inc.


UniRoom - A serviced apartment company in Southern California (property management). Nick along with UniRoom strategically partnered with HBCS since 2017. Nick is graduated from The University of Birmingham with Master of Science, Accounting and Finance, has over 10 years of experience as the Finance Director in global scale companies like PCCW Global, FDP SUEZ, Oracle, Lenovo. 

Learn more about UniRoom.


Salih Eroglu

Construction Consultant

Salih is graduated from University of Southern California with Master’s in Civil Engineering. He provides oversight of contractors and procurement contracts, as well as overall construction timelines and budgets. He was Project Manager for 10+ years experience in Swinerton Builders for large scale projects.

Architectural Project Managers and Consultants

Architects specialized in zoning, policy, design, and project management.

Legal Counsel

Attorneys practicing Corporate law, Land Use, Real Estate Litigation, and Construction.

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